Silkroad was a world famous trade route that connects China and Europe by passing through Anatolia and Mediterranean. Silkroad was not only a trade route but also it was a social line introducing Eastern philosophy, culture, technique and wisdom to Europe by Silkroad.

The spices coming far east played a big role in international relations for western. Carrying the silk and spices of eastern world to west by caravan, gave birth to trade routes fron Chine to Europe.

Besides the Silk Road has become a trade route used throughout history, as well as a path followed by ideas, religions, armies, or different cultures, and the wisdom and travelers that convey these cultural experiences.

It is aimed to examine historical, cultural, economic, political, social and literary aspects of Silk Road and Silk Road geographies with the 1st International Silk Road Academic Studies Symposium to be held in Nevşehir on the historical route of Silk Road.